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I have recorded, edited and produced audio for every conceivable kind of project. I entered the digital era in 1990, as an early adopter of digital audio workstation technology.

Now I can do similar things with video. Obviously, it’s not as easy as I make it sound. I have had excellent teachers; my friends who are shooters, grips and editors, most of whom I have known for 15 years. We share a common goal; to do the best job we can in harmony with our clients. And always with a smile.

Through all of this, my philosophy has been simple. I don’t take the gig if I can’t do the work. I ask a lot of questions before taking on a project. Sometimes I just say, “No thanks. Let me refer you to one of my associates.”

Mission Statement

Recent Award Winning Projects

2009 marked a significant change in my video work. In addition to the simple shooting and editing jobs I had been doing, I was fortunate to be picked for two amazing projects.

The first was the editing of a full length documentary called “Finding Home.” It is the panoramic story of the lives of four people who  moved to Turkey to live and work. I was hired as the technical editor. No easy feat since the project was shot on different types of cameras, some 16:9, some 4:3 and in four resolutions.

Despite these challenges, Virginia-based Executive Producer Michael Joyce emailed me from Turkey to let me know that “Finding Home” had won a Special Jury Prize at the Safranbolu International Documentary Film Festival. Above is a link to a short of “Finding Home.”

Following “Finding Home”, I received a call from Casting Director Pat Moran’s office. Barbie DeSantis, a local writer, had delivered a film script called “Hot Flash” to Pat Moran.

Upon looking at it, Pat reached out to me to produce a pre-vis version, shooting enough scenes to convey the idea of the script in order to attract enough money to shoot the entire script, or sell rights to it to a production company that would produce the film themselves.

I put together a crew of passionate professionals. We cast local SAG actors. Four days of shooting later, I posted the project here. In March, 2010 I received word that our production was the Grand Prize Winner of the 2009 Indie Short Film Competition and Best of Show in The Fourth Annual Baltimore Videographers Association Film Festival.

My connections to music are very strong. There are talented musicians whom others need to know about. Although not as flashy as productions like “Finding Home” and “Hot Flash”, they are important to me.

Neil Harpe is among the finest interpreters of Delta Blues alive today. He is my mentor and one of my oldest friends. This video was shot in my studio. As you watch and listen to this video, remember, you’re hearing the audio over the web.

Music Projects

Sometimes I just do the postproduction audio editing and mixing. Here’s one of four PSAs Waganer Digital Video had me mix for a great, fun campaign in Washington DC.

Audio Editing & Mixing

Here’s another example of a simple music video that results in musicians getting work. Josh and Esther are a great father and daughter team. Seeing them play together is usually all it takes to get booked.

In Studio Video

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