My studio is a comfy, large, quiet, custom-tuned space. It allows me to work on audio and video projects with speed and accuracy. My clients say they feel less stressed, more comfortable and more inspired. So we make better music.

The Studio

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I track, overdub, mix, master and do short run duplication with on-disc color printing. I have professional friends who do great graphic design and very affordable printing.


If you only have lyrics, I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great local musicians. I can work with you on arrangements or bring in just the right people to take your music to a much higher level. 


Not just any video, but good video on the web is very important. From simple “this is what I look like playing and singing” videos to something more elaborate, I can work with you to make sure you look as good as you sound.

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Music Produced Here

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Ask some of my clients.

  1. J. P. Reali

  2. Andrea Pais

  3. Karyn Oliver

  4. Joe Spatarella

  5. Eric Agner

  6. Teporah

  7. Lea Jones

  8. Larksong

  9. Brian Kendig

  10. Tom Larsen

  11. The Baltimore Songwriters Ass’n

  12. John Seay

  13. Jay Seay

  14. OHO

  15. The Baltimore Flute Choir