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A chakra balancing session usually lasts about an hour and a half. A Qigong session takes only a half hour. They take place with you fully clothed on my massage table. Most folks like to remove their shoes.

In the best of cases, the blockages don’t recur, however some conditions require more than one visit. If you have chronic problems, more frequent visits are indicated. Others come only every month or every few months; much in the same way you may schedule massages.

Sometimes you have to make changes in lifestyle or attitudes in order to prevent recurring blockages.

Chakra balancing and Qigong are not a replacement for proper medical care. I can not fix a broken leg, although I may help it heal more quickly. I have also restored feeling to lower legs and feet due to diabetic neuropathy.

Ninety percent of chakra balancers are female. I, obviously, am not. When I asked my teacher, Arlyn Kline, if this would be a problem, she said that regardless of gender, the unique energy signature of each practitioner rides on the energy that flows through the practitioner and through the client. She also said that it sometimes takes male energy to heal the wound caused by another male.

Sessions are not covered by health insurance at this time. A first session includes a conversation about what’s going on with you. That discovery can take a half hour or more, but I really need to know what’s going on with you before I can do anything.

If it’s a wellness session that’s can result in a very relaxed and well-balanced feeling. However, if there’s pain and damage, it’s usually not as simple as “it hurts here, please make it stop.” I can usually reduce pain, but if the underlying causes for the pain remain, the pain may return until the affected area heals.

It’s a process in which you may discover things about yourself that need to change before you feel better.

In order to determine whether or not we can make progress together, I need a simple commitment of three sessions. The initial session usually takes about two hours with intake interview and includes a copy of my Chakra Soundscapes CD. The two following sessions take about an hour and a half each and need to be done about a week apart. The fee for the three sessions and CD is $225 payable by cash, check or PayPal at the end of the first session. In many cases the fee may be paid from a Flex Spending Account.

How does it work?
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The basic concept is that the body is an energy system. Based on the choices we make in the way we live and whatever else happens to us, our fields and our bodies may store blockages to the natural flow of energy. Problems occur when this energy is blocked. Often, I can feel these blockages in my clients, but sometimes it’s as simple as allowing her or him to just tell me where it hurts and why, if they know.

After I find out how and what you’re feeling, I work with my hands to open blocked meridians and remove  the blockages in tissue, bones, fascia, muscles, joints, organs, or in the primary or secondary energy fields. Qigong sessions typically start with the top of the head and progress down the neck shoulders, arms and legs.

Change Your Life

Read more about my CDs and their powerful, and relaxing therapy HERE.

I am an ordained minister in accordance with The Ministerial Seminary of America, LLC.

During my five years as a Chakra Balancing Practitioner, I felt and knew there was more for me. In 2014, I found a 14 day intensive Practitioner Course with Qigong master Robert Peng at the prestigious Omega Institute outside of Rhinebeck, NY. The course offers ways to strengthen me as a practitioner and gives me a new hands-on and tissue work to better help my clients. Robert Peng’s class makes a very good marriage with the Chakra Balancing course I took with Arlyn Kline. I am honored that Arlyn now calls me in to work in her Practicum on an as needed basis and uses one of my Chakra Soundscapes CDs in her class.

Ty Ford

Client Comments

Stacy Plasse

-- “Immediately after the first session I had decreased numbness in my arms from the TOS and more organized thought with filters assisting the ADHD.

The day after followed with a flow of energy that was more purposeful as well as continued decrease in pain. Subsequently the less labile blood sugars followed.

With continued follow up visits with Ty, and meditation with the Chakra sounds I was able to augment the therapy with more success.

The sounds are beneficial to me if I'm going into a situation where I know that extra “grounding“ is needed to keep a perspective in situations where the body can be negatively affected (ie. high blood sugar). I have even used the sounds when my blood sugars are high and they have decreased in an hour’s time without use of insulin. 

After continued visits and meditation with the Chakra sounds the most profound discovery has been the decrease in insulin usage. I am on an insulin pump so it easy to accurately view this data, which has decreased to half the amount used in a day.

To me this is the best part of the whole experience. Knowing that stress and other outside forces that directly affect our bodies, I am more able to defend mine with a sense of balance. The decrease in insulin is great for many reasons, saving money as well as feeling better in the mornings without pain and fatigue. Who would not want this?!!”

Shaz Malik

-- "My experience listening to the chakra CD in your space was amazing. All my years of connecting with the chakras has been really quite theoretical and intellectual.

Friday was the first time I actually FELT the chakras physically. Very visceral and immediate. Your niche may well be back healing, Ty. The resonance from the session lasted well into the weekend. My spine was longer and certainly in better alignment than it has been in a while.

And, yes, the energy was bouncing around me for a good 24 hours. That sort of vitality hasn't happened for me in a long time. Was it the CD? Was it your presence? Both? Neither? I don't know for sure, but I know I felt the pitches in the CD."

Jes Porro, Baltimore, MD

-- “As I laid on the table, within the first 10 minutes, I was relaxed and comfortable. Ty's environment and technique was both professional and friendly. My energy shifted as he checked and balanced each chakra.

As I drove home, I felt centered and jazzed as though parts of me were awakened. During the week that followed, others noticed a change in me, my overall facial expression and I exhibited a kind of brightness and lighter spirit. It was definitely a result of my chakra balancing session with Ty.”

I am registered with and insured by the Healing Touch Professional Association.